“We use RTS Credit to check brokers before we haul a load. We run 300 trucks, and there’s no doubt in my mind that RTS Credit has saved us significant amounts of money over the years with their credit service.”

"My husband and I have been in the transportation industry for 12 years. We started a freight brokerage 18 months ago. We have used credit services in the past. When we were looking to add services we looked into RTS Credit and their competition to compare service packages. What we found surprised us! We never doubted other credit services but we found RTS Credit offers the complete package. RTS Credit offers excellent customer service, varied package options, and competitive pricing.

The package prices are lower, the package options were great, and the customer service was excellent. I made inquiries into several company web sites. RTS Credit was back to me the same day; other services took eight business days! With higher fuel and insurance costs, it is vital to our company to be aware of who we choose to deal with. One bad move and we could be in real trouble. We are confident that RTS Credit will help us maintain profitability."

“We were using a competitor of RTS Credit’s as one of our credit information sources, and I was very dissatisfied with their information not being current, the manual payment history forms every day, and the extraordinary costs involved. That’s when I found RTS Credit Service. The information is current, incredibly accurate, all-in-an easy to read, one-page format. Our yearly savings? Thousands of dollars! Customer service? Excellent! We highly recommend RTS Credit Service."

“I love the new Credit Watch/Favorites and Alerts features. Times are getting tough out here and I have to re-check my regular brokers, and these really help. You guys do a great job and your clients appreciate it.”

“I have been an RTS Credit member for one year and have never gone wrong with it. Whenever I do business with an “F” rated customer I always make sure they pay me COD before I do the load. I had a truck stuck up in the Northeast and by using RTS Credit Service I was able to find a broker and load my truck out. The reports are accurate and easy to read. Just use your common sense.”

“RTS Credit is the best thing going in the trucking industry today. I took a load from someone RTS Credit had ranked as an "F." Sure enough, two months later I was still waiting to get paid. I was hooked from that time on.”

“I made the switch from another credit service to RTS Credit because I thought RTS Credit’s rankings are more hard-nosed than others. Before I found out about RTS Credit I got burned by a broker who didn’t pay me at all. I used RTS Credit’s free trial to check their ranking and they were an "F." I didn’t have a problem renewing my service after the trial.”

“Since we became a member of RTS Credit Service, we have had no trouble getting paid from brokers.”

"RTS Credit Service gives a quick, easy-to-understand snapshot when we look up brokers. There is no question that using RTS Credit has helped us avoid potential no-pay situations.”

“RTS Credit Service has information on about every broker I look up. We have been a member of RTS Credit for quite some time and we’ve definitely saved money using their service.”

“I’ve been in business since 1987. My company does about $2 million a year in revenue. Like everyone else I hate not to get paid for the freight we haul. In the past I have lost money to brokers I didn’t know well, but I also lost to some I had done business with for a long time and thought they were safe. With RTS Credit it’s so easy to check brokers’ ratings. I check new brokers most of the time while I’m on the phone with them. Old brokers I pull up from time to time just to see if their rating has slipped. It’s simple and easy. Since joining RTS Credit in June of ’03, all of my freight bills are current. I only wish I had done it years before.”

“When we were using another credit service, we averaged between $13,000 and $16,000 in losses each year. Since we switched to RTS Credit Service, we haven’t lost a nickel.”

"We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank RTS Credit Service for their tremendous support and professional attitude. Our trucking operations profit enormously due to the affordable information services that RTS Credit provides to us on a regular bases. We always know that RTS Credit will deliver up-to-date and true credit information, making it easy for us to service our deserving customers."