A & N TRANSPORT INC. MC #  357360 DOT #   00802103
122 N MAIN
Authority Granted:xx/xx/xxxx
Phone: 815-541-9436 Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Authority Type: xxxxxx
First Activity: xx/xx/xxxx
Last Activity Date: xx/xx/xxxx
# of Carriers Reporting: x,xxx High Credit Extended: $x,xxx,xxx
All History 90 Days 60 Days
Avg Days To Pay xx Days xx Days xx Days
Trade Experiences x,xxx Experiences xxx Experiences xxx Experiences

DOT Information

  Broker Contract Common
Bond / Trust
Required: Yes
On-File: No
Authority Inactive None Active
Pending No No No
(or pending)
No No No
Legal Name: A & N TRANSPORT INC.
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